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Residential rentals that are not for the full year may be called Winter or Seasonal. These are usually fully furnished lakefront homes, and are perfect for people new to the area who don't want to make a long term commitment. They also allow you to enjoy a beautiful lakefront home at off-season rates.

Winter rentals generally run from September through May. Seasonal rentals could be for any part of the year, e.g., spring and summer, late summer and fall, etc. See the In and Out dates for the specific time frame.

  September 12, 2019 09:39 PM

Year-Round Rentals
Code Town Wft Br Ba Furn Rent Garage Pets Fuel In Out
New Listing! LTCAI2 Casco n 2 1 n $825 n mb propane 9/20/2019
LTHELM Naples n 1 1 n $850 n y propnae 9/6/2019
TLCART Casco n 3 4 y $1,795 y n oil 9/6/2019
Over-Winter Rentals
Code Town Wft Br Ba Furn Rent Garage Pets Fuel In Out
PPPELL Raymond y 3 2 y $950 n N oil 10/7/2019 5/31/20
New Listing! SLANDE Standish y 3 2 y $1,100 y-1across st. mb propane 10/1/2019
SLWCOX S. Casco n 2 1 y $975 n y propane 10/1/2019 5/16/20
URBURD Poland y 2 0.75 y $1,000 n y propane 9/15/2019 5/15/20


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