Lake Descriptions and Depth Maps

The lake depth maps on this page are displayed courtesy of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. They were made beginning in the 1930's and updated periodically into the 1990's. Click the code to go to the Map, or click the lake name to go to our written description.

More recently, Maine's DEP, IFW and GIS offices have developed a statewide lake numbering system called MIDAS (Maine Information Display Analysis System). MIDAS pages have better quality depth maps and of course Google Map displays, with updated GIS and fishing data. We have compiled a table with links to MIDAS, please see Lakes of the Sebago Lake Region.

Brandy Pond, Sebago Lake & Long Lake


BRANDY POND (aka BAY OF NAPLES) is located entirely in Naples. It is the body of water lying south of the Naples causeway, and is the connector between Long Lake and Sebago Lake, via the Songo River and Songo Locks - a total of about 40 miles of waterway. Generally considered a good place for fishing and waterskiing, Brandy Pond covers 740 acres, is about 1 mile wide at its broadest, and 2 miles long. It has a maximum depth of 44 ft. Marinas and a commercial boat launch area are located around the causeway. Map Top

LONG LAKE is the large lake that lies north of the Naples Causeway in the towns of Naples, Bridgton and Harrison. About 11 miles long, it is accessed via Rt. 35 from Naples to Harrison, or via Rt. 302 through Bridgton. It is about a mile wide, covering a total of 5,295 acres, with a maximum depth of 59 ft. It connects to Brandy Pond and Sebago Lake, making it popular with waterskiers and serious boaters. Activities on the Causeway in Naples include trips on the Songo River Queen paddleboat, seaplane rides, windsurfing and para-sailing. Marinas: Naples and Harrison. Map Top

SEBAGO LAKE (BIG SEBAGO) is an enormous body of water (the 2nd largest in Maine), covering 29,992 acres, with a maximum depth of 316 ft. Its borders extend approximately 10 miles by 12 miles, surrounded by the towns of Casco, Naples, Raymond, Windham, Standish, and Sebago. Big Sebago Lake is accessed by Routes 302, 114 and 37, a distance of 35 miles around. This is an excellent fishing lake, still called "home of the land-locked salmon." Map Top

Because of its size, and the storms that are sometimes stirred up over such a vast body of water, it is not a particularly good lake for small craft like canoes, except in some of its more sheltered coves and harbors. Boat traffic here varies from spot to spot, but can generally be expected to be heavy in the height of the summer season. Long Lake and Brandy Pond are the only other lakes that are boatable to Sebago. The water level on all three lakes is subject to more variation than others - partly because Sebago is the center of a very large aquifer, and partly because the level is controlled. Water level determines the size of beaches. Top

Below is a little information on some of Sebago's better-known areas on the easterly side of the lake, starting at the southeast, and working northwest. There are marinas at each area, except Sebago Harbor. Top

  1. Sebago Basin is a 200-acre, relatively shallow (about 8 - 10 ft deep) section of Big Sebago in Windham and Standish. It is separated from the main lake by a narrow channel near White's Point in Windham. By road, access is off White's Bridge Road (off Rt. 302), and Rt. 35. For all its proximity to the active Windham shopping area, Sebago Basin is not unduly noisy or overdeveloped. The 20-minute drive to Portland is convenient for vacationers who need to commute. Top

  2. Jordan Bay lies just north of Sebago Basin. It is very large (about one third of Sebago's total size), and is bounded on the west by Raymond Cape (or Raymond Neck), a peninsula that extends about 6 miles into Sebago Lake, and on the east by Rt. 302. It is the body of water that you see as you drive by the long beach in Raymond. Jordan Bay is large enough to have waves and weather, but is more protected than the main body of Big Sebago. Its eastern shore includes such areas as Lakehurst, Bayview and Deep Cove, and its western shore (the easterly side of Raymond Cape) includes Quarry, Whittemore, and Camp Coves. At the very tip of Raymond Cape is Wild Acres. The largest island in Sebago Lake, Frye Island, lies about 1/4 mile off the western shore of Raymond Cape. The landing for the ferry is about 5 miles down Raymond Cape Road, which is accessed from Rt. 302 half a mile past the Krainin Real Estate office. Top

  3. Kettle Cove and the Dingley Islands are located in the northeast section of the lake, in Casco. The islands create both a picturesque and protected environment for small craft and waterskiers. Areas included are the end of the Lakewood Road (off Rt. 302), Kettle Cove itself, and the section that abuts Point Sebago, a large campground with many activities, just west of Kettle Cove. Waters are busier near the campground and marina, but most of the cove is fairly quiet. Top

  4. Thompson Point in Naples is an area of privately owned cottages on the north shore of Sebago, just west of Kettle Cove, with Sebago Lake State Park on either side. It is accessed by Rt. 302 or by Rt. 114. From here, your view is down the full length of Sebago--so steady breezes are the norm, and this will be one of the cooler spots on the lake on hot summer days. Top

  5. Sebago Harbor Shores in Naples, about 3.5 miles up Rt. 114 from the Naples Causeway, appears on some maps as Muddy River (the river actually flows into Sebago Harbor). The eastern shore is more developed than the western, so there is a pretty view, with sunsets. Sebago Harbor provides excellent boating and easy access to the main lake. Most summers, 22+ ft. boats go under the bridge on Rt. 114 with no difficulty. Mast height may be a factor for sailboats. Top

  6. Songo Locks: Brandy Pond connects to Sebago Lake via the Songo River. The locks are at the junction of the Songo and Crooked Rivers; the Songo continues into Sebago. At the locks, there may be a short wait while the hand-turned drawbridge is open. There is a small fee for boats to pass through. Very sizeable boats go through with no difficulty, but the Crooked River is not navigable by large boats. The section of the Songo River that flows from Brandy Pond is particularly beautiful. Top

  7. Sebago Lake State Park has several large beaches which are quite busy in summer, a campground for which reservations are required, and 1,300 acres of woodland, hiking and cycling paths.

Other Lakes

Maine lakes have a variety of shoreline areas - rocky, sandy, weedy, deep, steep, gradual, etc. No lake is entirely surrounded by sandy beaches, nor does any have an entirely rocky shoreline. Intensity of development also varies, although generally speaking, the further the lake is from Portland, the less developed you can expect it to be. Don't assume that all "ponds" are smaller or more shallow than all "lakes" - the words were used more or less interchangeably by the people who named them! Some have public beaches and boat launches, and some have commercial marinas. Lake sizes are given in acres, which are 208' square - 640 to a square mile. Top

COFFEE POND is accessed via Route 11 and Route 121 in Casco. This is a small, fairly quiet lake with minimal motorboat traffic, though you will see some waterskiers now and then. With a maximum depth of 70 ft., it covers 106 acres, is about 1/4 mile wide and 1 mile long. Coffee Pond is spring-fed and fishing is considered excellent. Map Top

CRESCENT LAKE lies primarily in the town of Raymond, with its northernmost tip in Casco. It is approximately 1/2 mile wide and 2-1/2 miles long, covering 716 acres, with a maximum depth of 54 ft. Crescent Lake is a good size for moderate boating, and is relatively quiet, being less developed than most of the lakes in the area. It connects to Panther Pond via the Tenney River, which can usually be traversed by canoe or small motorboat, depending on water level. There's a boat launch and beach for Raymond residents on Rt. 85, and for Casco residents off Rt. 11. On old maps you may see Crescent Lake called Rattlesnake Pond. Don't worry - there aren't any rattlesnakes in Maine! Map Top

CRYSTAL LAKE (Harrison) is located off Rt. 117. It is a mile and a half long, about 3/4 mile at widest point, 446 acres. Excellent smallmouth bash fishery, and stocked with salmon and togue. Max. depth 65 feet. It is a pretty lake, with a town beach and boat launch at the lower end. Map Top

CRYSTAL LAKE (Gray) is located of Rt. 26. It is about 1 mile long and 1/2 mile wide. It covers and area of 185 acres and has a maximum depth of 59 feet. There is a pubic boat launch and is great for fishing trout, bass and perch. It is convenient to Gray center and it would be a short trip to Freeport for shopping. Map Top

HANCOCK POND is located NW of Sebago Lake in the rural towns of Denmark and Sebago. It covers 761 acres (about 1.4 miles by 1.2 miles), with maximum depth of 59 ft. This peaceful pond has lots of shallow areas with rocks just under the surface, and is therefore not ideal for large, fast boating, but affords mountain views and quiet waters for small watercraft. Hancock Pond has a public launch. Map Top

HIGHLAND LAKE (Bridgton) is accessed by Rt. 302 and local roads in Bridgton. Encompasses 1,334 acres, max depth 50 feet. Good bass fishing. 4.75 miles long, half to 3/4 mile wide. Map Top

HIGHLAND LAKE (Windham) is a single basin lake locally known as Duck Pond. It is comprised of an area of 640 acres and has a maximum depth of 67 feet. Its widest spot is about 3/4 mile and is about 3 miles long. The towns of Windham, Westbrook and Falmouth encompass it, which offer plenty of resources and activities for the lake's visitors. It is great for fishing, especially for trout, bass and perch. Visitors of the lake often can be found swimming or water skiing. With a short commute to the city of Portland, visitors have access to a wide variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment. Map Top

HORNE POND also known as Pequawket Lake, is located in a charming small town. It covers 139 acres and has a maximum depth of 58 feet. It is just over a mile long and is 4/10 of a mile wide at its widest section. It is ideal for fishing and is one of the many great spots in Maine for fishing bass. Map Top

ISLAND POND off Rt. 117, Harrison, is very small and quiet. 115 acres, maximum depth, 48 feet. 3/4 mile long, 3/10 mile wide. Map Top

KEEWAYDIN LAKE is located in Stoneham Twp, in Oxford County. It is 263 acres, with a maximum depth of 52 ft. A town-owned boat ramp adjacent to the dam at the outlet on Route 35 provides easy access to the pond. Map Top

KEOKA LAKE is situated alongside Routes 35 and 37 in Waterford. It is 4.5 miles long and covers 462 acres with a maximum depth of 42 feet. A boat ramp adjacent to the town office provides easy access to the lake. Map Top

KEZAR LAKE is 2,665 acres, max. depth 155 feet. Salmon, lake trout, smallmouth bass. Two boat launching areas, one in North Lovell and one at the Narrows. Map Top

LITTLE SEBAGO LAKE does not connect to Big Sebago Lake. It is one of the southernmost lakes in the area, and lies within the towns of Windham and Gray, accessed by Route 85 in Raymond, Rt. 115 in Windham, and Rts. 26 and 202 in Gray. It's a little over 1 mile at its widest, and has some very narrow spots (appropriately the Upper and Lower Narrows), with numerous islands scattered throughout. Little Sebago is approximately 5-1/2 miles from end to end, encompassing 2,009 acres. This lake varies widely from section to section; some areas are more developed than others. Map Top

LOVEWELL POND is located in Fryeburg and Brownfield, in Oxford County. It is 1,129 acres, with a maximum depth of 45 ft. A state-owned boat ramp is located at the southern end of the pond. The road leading to the ramp is located off Route 113 almost directly across from the Eastern Slopes Regional Airport. Lovewell Pond is a sizable water which provides excellent angling opportunities for warmwater fish. The pond consists of a single, square shaped basin and its moderately developed shoreline gradually slopes to deeper water. Map Top

MOOSE POND is the long narrow lake that lies at the base of Pleasant Mountain (Shawnee Peak Ski Area in Bridgton), where Rt. 302 crosses its waters over a causeway. It runs about 8 miles south to the village of Denmark. Generally less than 1/2 mile wide (though it does have a few wider spots), Moose Pond covers 1,697 acres, with a maximum depth of 70 ft., although much more shallow in many places. Some sections are suitable for motorboats and waterskiing, though more are better suited to canoes. Map Top

NORTH POND (Norway) Description pending. Map Top

NORWAY LAKE (aka Lake Pennesseewassee) is located in Norway, in Oxford County, and accessed off Rt. 117. It is a long, narrow lake, almost 5 miles long and about a half-mile wide, 987 acres, with a maximum depth of 48 ft. Town beach and marina off Rt. 117. Map Top

NOTCHED POND Description pending. Map Top

PANTHER POND lies between Rt. 85 and Rt. 121, and is located entirely within the town of Raymond. It encompasses 1,417 acres, with a maximum depth of 68 ft., is about 1.25 miles wide at its broadest and 2.5 miles long. It connects to Crescent Lake via the Tenney River, and is a "multi-purpose" lake - good for all kinds of recreation and boating. Map Top

PAPOOSE POND Description pending. Map Top

PARKER POND may actually be the lower end of Pleasant Lake. A small, quiet lake, it lies east of Route 121 in Casco. About 167 acres, and generally somewhat shallow, Parker Pond's depth varies from shoreline to 19 ft. It is about 1/3 to 1/2 mile wide and about 1.5 miles long. Map Top

PEABODY POND is a quiet lake in 3 towns, Bridgton, Naples and Sebago. 740 acres, 64 feet deep. 1.75 long, 1.25 wide. Good fishing. Boat launch and parking. Map Top

PLEASANT LAKE is located in Casco and Otisfield, and accessed via Rt. 121 and the Mayberry Hill Road. It covers 1,332 acres, with a maximum depth of 62 ft. It is rectangular in shape, with few coves, about 1/2 mile wide and 4 miles long. Much of the shoreline is rocky, with some steep areas, but the relatively undeveloped quality of the lake makes it popular with vacationers seeking a more quiet environment. There's a small town beach with boat launch at the Casco end. Map Top

UPPER, MIDDLE AND LOWER RANGE PONDS (pronounce it "Rang" -- we don't know why!) are all connected and located in Poland (all three) and New Gloucester (Upper only). Upper Range Pond is 357 acres. about 1.5 miles long and half a mile wide. Maximum depth is 38 ft. Middle Range Pond is 366 acres, about 2 miles long and one-third mile wide, max. depth 66 ft. There is a marina at the northern end. Lower Range Pond is 2 miles long by 9/10 mile wide, 290 acres, depth 41 ft., and home to the Range Pond State Park. Access to all three lakes off Rt. 26 in Poland and off secondary roads. Map Top

RAYMOND POND is a small lake located in (surprise!) Raymond, just east of Crescent Lake. On old maps you may see it listed as Little Rattlesnake Pond. (Re: Rattlesnakes - ditto Crescent Lake!) It's about 1/2 mile wide, a little more than 1 mile long, 42 ft. deep - 344 acres. Fairly well developed, with some attractive islands and views, Raymond Pond is reached by rural roads running from Rt. 85. Map Top

SABBATHDAY LAKE Description pending. Map Top

SATURDAY POND Description pending. Map Top

STEARNS POND Stearns Pond is located east of Route 93 in Sweden. Its surface area is 248 acres, maximum depth 47 feet. According to the Lakes Environmental Association, in the town's early history, Stearns Pond and its dam were used to hold water for the purpose of sending logs through the Stearns Canal into Highland Lake and on to the mills in Bridgton. In later years the logs were sawn at the Trull Mill at the head of Highland Lake. The music camp, Camp Encore/Coda, has been on Stearns Pond for more than 60 years. Visitors to the area can sometimes hear the lovely music of campers and counselors playing. Map Top

THOMAS POND is located in Casco and Raymond (right behind our office). It is easily reached from Rt. 302. It encompasses 533 acres, with a maximum depth of 64 ft., and averages about 1 mile by 1 mile at its widest points. It is a pretty, fairly quiet lake, with minimal motorboat traffic, though some find it satisfactory for waterskiing. In 1989, the largest smallmouth bass caught in Maine came from Thomas Pond. Map Top

THOMPSON LAKE is a very large, particularly clean and attractive lake, suitable for all types of recreation. It lies considerably northeast of Sebago, in the towns of Casco, Oxford, Otisfield, and Poland, covering 4,419 acres, with a maximum depth of 121 ft. It's about 12 miles long, and averages about 2 miles in width. Some areas are more developed than others, and there is a variety of shoreline- some shallow and sandy and some steep and rocky. Access is from Rt. 121 in Casco and Otisfield, and Rt. 11 in Poland. There are marinas in Casco (on the Heath), Otisfield and Oxford. Map Top

TRICKEY POND, off Rt. 114 in Naples, is adjacent but not connected to Sebago Harbor Shores. A quiet, pretty lake, it is not heavily developed. More or less rectangular, it is 1.5 miles long and a third of a mile wide. 315 acres, with max. depth of 57 ft. Map Top

TRIPP LAKE is off Rt. 11 in Poland. 768 acres, 35 feet deep, approx 2.5 miles long, 3/4 mile wide. Map Top

WHITNEY POND Description pending. Map Top

WOODS POND is in Bridgton. 462 acres, 29 feet max depth. Two miles long and 4/10 mile wide. Good fishing. Town beach and boat launch on Rt. 117. Map Top

More detailed information about each lake, and other area lakes and fishing, is available from our office and various state and private publications. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife posts fishing license information and regulations on a lake-by-lake basis. Copies of the lake maps we have posted online this year are also available at the Krainin Real Estate office and are included with your information packet at check-in time. Top