Pre-Arrival Information

Everyone at Krainin Vacation Rentals is looking forward to welcoming you to the Sebago Lake Region!


1) REMEMBER TO BRING your own blankets, pillows, mattress pads, sheets and pillowcases, towels and bathmats, kitchen towels, toilet tissue, paper towels and plastic trash bags. If you are bringing pets (with prior written approval only!), please remember to keep them up-to-date with flea and tick treatments before arrival. Also remember to bring life jackets, baby gates, etc. PLEASE DO NOT BRING FIREWOOD from out of state, it is illegal to do so. Firewood is available for purchase in many locations around the lake region.

2) DIRECTIONS TO KRAININ REAL ESTATE’S RAYMOND OFFICE: From the South: On Saturdays, expect heavy traffic in Massachusetts and on the Maine Turnpike. Take the Turnpike (I-95) to Exit 48. On leaving the tollbooth, go right onto Riverside Street, through two traffic lights, at Home Depot and at Warren Avenue, and continue through, about 1 mile, to a third light at Rt. 302 (there’s a turning lane for going left and a Seven-Eleven across the street). Take the left turn onto Rt. 302 West, and stay on Rt. 302 for approximately 18 miles (including through the Windham rotary). Krainin Real Estate is in Raymond, about 1-1/3 miles past the very noticeable Raymond Town Beach & Boat Launch. We’re in a brown Ranch with log siding, on the right, just before the top of the hill. We have a big green sign that’s easy to spot as you come up the hill. From the North or West, we are on Route 302, seven miles east of the Naples Causeway, over the top of the hill and just past the Hilltop Market on the left. The official street address is 1539 Roosevelt Trail, Raymond ME 04071.

3) CHECK IN at our Raymond office to pick up your Arrival Packet, consisting of Keys, Cottage Directions, Cottage-Specific information, and a Rental Guide booklet with Emergency Numbers and important instructions. A Sebago Lake Region Area Guide is available online at our website. Packets will be distributed starting at 4pm If you are delayed beyond 5 PM, please call to let us know, 800-332-1806, so alternate arrangements can be made for you. For properties with lockboxes available for renter use, an email will be sent to you mid-week before you arrival with arrival instructions, assuming your final balance has been paid. PLEASE NOTE: Check in time is at 4 PM, no earlier. You are not authorized to be at the property before that time, and no member of your party may go to the property before 4 PM, even to drop off boats or luggage.

4) CHECK THE PROPERTY CONDITION ON ARRIVAL: Immediately upon arrival at your cottage, please refer to the Arrival Checklist in your packet. Check the house for cleanliness, damage, and any leftover trash in the indoor or outdoor receptacles. Note that the trash hauler may not arrive until later that first afternoon. If you do find any problems, please call us right away. This is very important – first, because we want you to have a problem-free vacation, and second, to make sure you are not charged for damage you did not cause. Please also notify us of any breakage or damage to the property during your stay. Do not move large pieces of furniture without permission from our office, and please do not move or disconnect electronic or entertainment equipment unless you know exactly how to put them back!

5) HOUSEHOLD WATER: Most properties have well water for household use, but if “lake water” is indicated, you should plan to bring your own drinking water or buy it at local stores. Lake water is suitable for washing and cooking, but not advisable for direct consumption unless boiled first. Please Note: Even deep drilled wells have limits! To avoid water supply issues, especially with large groups, please use water conservatively.

6) ASSOCIATION RULES & REGULATIONS: Failure to follow association rules can result in immediate termination of your rental without refund. Neighbors contact us quickly if they notice you flouting association rules, especially the speed limit. Please do not ride dirt bikes or ATV’s on your rental property or association roads without express prior written permission, and comply with all association speed limits, quiet hours, and rules for use of association waterfront. Also please note, fireworks are not permitted at any Krainin Real Estate rental at any time.

7) BOATING: To be sure you will have enough lifejackets for your group, please bring your own – you must have enough for everyone on the boat, and children 10 and under, and all jet-skiers must be wearing them at all times. Also remember to bring bumpers or other equipment to protect your boat on the dock. You will need a $20 Milfoil sticker for your boat, available where fishing licenses are sold or online at the State of Maine website (see our Related Links page). Before you launch your boat in Maine, please be sure to clean all plant matter from the outside of your boat. We are trying to keep our lakes milfoil free!

8) PLAN FOR TELEPHONE, INTERNET & CABLE: Not all cottages have phones, but if they do, they will either have Screen Billing or a Long Distance Calling plan (please refer to cottage data).  Maine has 7-digit calling, but not having to dial ‘1’ first does not necessarily mean it’s a local call! Screen billing means you can receive incoming calls and make outgoing local calls, but you can only make outgoing long-distance calls with a calling card, and you can’t make collect calls, in or out. Feel free to bring an answering machine if you wish.
INTERNET:  Many owners offer Internet access, some with Wifi. If the owner does not offer Internet, you will need a wireless card to avoid paying long distance charges for your internet access, because your own ISP may not offer a local dial-up number or an 800 number for this cottage location. If internet access is not provided, you’ll need a wireless card.
CABLE: If cable is provided, it may be only basic or limited service. If the cottage has broadband, and you want to watch Sports or Premium channels, we recommend you bring a laptop and stream your home subscriptions.

9) OUTDOOR FIRES: Fire permits depend on local weather conditions. If there is an outdoor fireplace at your cottage, and if the owner allows it to be used, when you want to have a fire, you must get permission over the phone from the Town Fire Department each time. Fire Department phone numbers will be in the Rental Guide booklet you receive on arrival. No outdoor fires are allowed on Frye Island at any time, under any circumstances. Please DO NOT BRING FIREWOOD from home – it is illegal in Maine because it encourages the spread of invasive insects that can destroy forests.

10) CHECK OUT & DEPARTURE: Plan enough time to put the cottage in proper checkout condition. Follow the Departure Checklist in your packet. Trash pick-up by Krainin staff is available for a fee, with notice, most days other than Saturday. Late check-out, keys or Krainin linens left at the cottage, trash rules not followed, furniture moved, or cottage or grounds needing more-than-usual cleaning will incur a deduction from whichever Security Deposit you elected. For example, late check-out charge is $1/minute, with a minimum of $15. Keys not left in lockboxes or Keys that were picked up at our office upon arrival left at the cottage or linens left at the cottage against instructions are charged a minimum of $50; failure to follow trash instructions incurs a deduction of $60 minimum plus 45¢/mile mileage – more if it takes longer to gather due to being loose in the cans, messy or large quantity. Please do not leave trash or keys at our Naples office.

11) CHECK OUT TIME IS 10 AM. NO-ONE IN YOUR PARTY SHOULD STILL BE AT THE PROPERTY AFTER 10 AM. It’s OK to bring the key to the office later than 10 am, if you need to pull your boat or want to go for breakfast before checking out, etc., but everyone must be off the premises no later than 10 am. It’s really difficult to coordinate cleaning and prepping so many properties over such a large geographic area as the Sebago Lake Region, and we depend to a large degree on your cooperation. If your checkout is delayed, that will have a domino effect on other families’ cottage readiness, so please plan ahead and be out on time. Thank you! (If you leave Friday night or early Saturday morning, it’s OK to leave the keys in the white mailbox by the office door.)

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