Getting Started with Vacation Rentals

Wonderful Maine vacations begin here! Our mission is to provide you with the very best family vacation ever! Krainin's vacation rental service is the largest in the Sebago Lake Region, with more than 200 properties available each year.


Start with the Vacation Rental Application. It only takes 5 minutes to give us the information we need to find the rental properties that best fit your needs. There's no charge or obligation for a search, and your contact information will never be shared or sold. Within 24 hours we'll email, fax or snailmail a selection of cottages for you to review.

To search for rentals, visit our Availability page. Listings are displayed in table format, so you can be sure you're seeing everything available for your time frame, using most visitors' basic criteria. There's also an Advanced Search feature on the page for more detailed criteria.

We also post Cancellations & Specials periodically throughout the season. And for activities and shopping that you might want to be near while on vacation, be sure to check out our Rental Guide.

Read comments from last year’s renters, and then try Krainin Rentals for yourself and learn why over 1,200 families every year say, "Thank you! We had a wonderful vacation!"