Vacation Rental Contract

This copy of the Rental Contract is for review purposes only.
Please do not sign and send it without confirming your reservation with a Rental Agent first. Thank you!

1) CANCELLATION POLICY: In signing this contract, you agree to abide by Maine state rules regarding Covid-19 and to either quarantine during your stay or test negative immediately beforehand, if that is required, and/or to follow whatever other Maine and local town rules may be in place at the time of your planned arrival. Agency will provide you with any forms needed to verify compliance.

If you have to cancel due to the occurrence of an event related to Covid-19 that precludes your completing your rental (e.g., if someone in your family develops Covid-19 symptoms or tests positive; travelers from your home state are prohibited from coming to Maine; the timing of quarantine requirements no longer works with your arrival date, etc.), you will receive a 100% refund without the requirement to re-rent your week(s). Otherwise, our standard cancellation policy remains in effect.

Standard Cancellation Policy: Time is critical in vacation rentals, and your deposit will hold this home off the market for a period of time. After we have confirmed your rental, if you cancel for any reason other than a Covid-19 event as described above, we will terminate your reservation and attempt to re-rent the time. However, we will not be able to refund any part of your deposit unless your week(s) are actually re-rented (and then minus the booking fee and a 20% service charge). If you book multiple weeks and we are only able to re-rent some of them, you will receive a refund as described for whichever weeks get re-rented. Once you have made your decision to cancel, do not delay in notifying us, because the sooner we know, the more likely we will be able to re-rent your week(s). We encourage you to obtain Travel Insurance to cover forfeited rental payments, airline tickets, etc

If you have not heard from us that we have been able to re-rent your week(s), it may be possible to reinstate your reservation, but you must call to let us know you wish to come as soon as you decide, as the owner may be making other plans for the property, or last-minute bookings could be in process.

2) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHOICE. We strongly recommend that you, or someone who knows your requirements and taste, drive by your rental before booking. Rental homes are privately owned and all are different in terrain, level of finish, amenities and decor. We describe them in detail to the best of our ability, but we cannot make the decision for you and will not be responsible if you are not happy with your choice on arrival. If you then want to move to another rental, you must pay for the second rental. The rent from the first rental cannot be transferred and will not be refunded unless the first rental is re-rented to another party.

3) OWNERS AND AGENCY SET SPECIFIC LIMITS regarding the maximum number of occupants and pets allowed. As the Owner’s Agent, we are required to enforce these limits and may terminate your rental and remove you and your guests when they are exceeded. You hereby agree to comply with the specific limits for your rental as indicated on page 1 of this contract, and the following rules pertaining to all Krainin rentals:

a) IF PETS ARE ALLOWED, they must be accurately described and approved and included with this contract when your booking is made, or added to your contract with owner approval before your arrival date. Maine has a statewide leash law; please do not allow pets to run loose. Do not allow dogs to bark excessively; otherwise they may have to be removed from the property. You must bring proof that your pet is up to date on rabies vaccine. IF PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED, that includes pets belonging to your guests. If pets are brought to a property that does not allow pets, we may terminate your rental and remove you and your guests from the property. You may also be subject to additional cleaning charges and the cost of flea treatments if required.

b) IF SMOKING is not permitted anywhere on the premises, that means no smoking at all is permitted. If smoking is permitted outside the house, butts must be disposed of properly and in a safe manner. If you smoke inside the house or leave butts outside, you may be charged cleaning fees after departure.

c) NO FIREARMS or other weapons may be brought to any rental property at any time. NO FIREWORKS may be set off anywhere on your rental property at any time. Do not bring unauthorized FIRE PITS to your rental. If fire pits are permitted, owners will provide them and establish where they may be located.

d) SUB-LETTING IS NOT ALLOWED. ANY GATHERINGS OR PARTIES must be accurately described and approved in writing when your booking is made, or well before your arrival date. If you are planning a gathering, and permission for it is not noted on page 1, your gathering is not approved, and your rental will be subject to immediate termination without refund if/when we become aware of it. ‘Occasional day guests’ means no more than 4-5 day guests visiting for the day, 1 or 2 times per week maximum.

e) NO RV’s may be parked, or TENTS (including children’s tents) set up or occupied by anyone in your party or your guests without prior written permission. No ATV’s or dirt bikes may be ridden on the property or on association roads without prior written permission.

f) OUTDOOR NOISE must be kept to a minimum after 10pm. Any disturbance resulting in neighborhood complaints, police being called, any disruptive or illegal activities, damage to the property, or violation of this agreement or of any rules governing the property (whether Owners’, Krainin’s or the neighborhood/road association’s), will be considered sufficient cause for immediate termination of your stay, and if that happens, none of your rental fees will be refunded.  This agreement does not create a tenancy for the property; you can be removed from the property without process of law if you do not depart at the appropriate time, either at the end of your booking or when so directed.

4) FOR-SALE COTTAGES: If this property is on the sales market at time of booking (please see page 1), you hereby agree to allow agents from Krainin Real Estate and other agencies to show it to prospective buyers at reasonable times with advance notice. If the property is sold and the new owner does not want to honor your rental, you may either choose a different cottage or receive a full (100%) refund.

5) HOUSEHOLD WATER: If the property has “lake water” (see page 1), you should bring your own drinking water or buy it locally. Lake water is suitable for washing, but not recommended for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, etc., unless boiled first.

6) WE ARE ONLY THE OWNERS’ AGENTS. We are only rental agents for the owners we represent. Agency is not responsible for the condition, safety or adherence to code of the owners’ properties.  If you notice a condition at your cottage that might present a health or safety risk, or if a maintenance problem develops at your cottage, you hereby agree to notify us immediately, so we can inform the Owners. Owners and Agent reserve the right to make repairs as necessary, and to enter the property with reasonable notice, or without notice in an emergency or if you cannot be reached.

7) THE OWNERS AND AGENT ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for (a) loss, theft or damage to your belongings while at the rented property (and you may wish to check your homeowner’s policy, and/or arrange for travelers’ or renters’ insurance to cover them), or (b) Acts of God; water levels (submerged beaches, docks); power outages due to weather conditions or power company maintenance. Amenities that become damaged over the course of the summer may not always be repairable or replaceable within the time available; we cannot guarantee the condition or availability of any particular item, and Agency will not issue rent refunds for missing or damaged items. Additionally, we have no way of knowing about any exterior annoyances such as construction or logging nearby, boat noise, neighborhood disruptions, etc., before they happen. If you report them as soon as you become aware of them, we will try our best to resolve the issue, but we cannot offer refunds or move you to another cottage. And lastly, this is Maine, and Maine is mostly woods. Creatures live in the woods. Owners try to remove mice, squirrels , etc., before the season begins, but they are likely to return, especially as autumn begins. There are also ants, wasps and hornets, and occasional bats. We will try our best to remove them all as quickly as possible, but we cannot issue refunds or move you to another cottage.

8) SAFETY ISSUES AND INDEMNIFICATION: Please exercise care at your rental; your party’s safety is our greatest concern. Safety issues are everywhere at vacation properties – rough or sloping terrain, rocks in and out of the water, exposed tree roots, slippery pine needles, walkways, and areas where it isn’t practical to install railings, for example. Boats and floats can be dangerous for an untrained or inexperienced operator.

You are responsible for ensuring the appropriate level of supervision is exercised for the safety of everyone in your party, especially in water-related activities. If any amenities (including any beach or any type of boat, float, raft, deck, walkway, dock, mooring or other amenity) are available for your use, you take full responsibility and risk for that use. If you have questions about any of the amenities, ASK FIRST and do not use them until you are confident that you can do so safely.

Neither the Owners nor their Agent make any representation as to the soundness or safety of any such amenities. If anyone in your party (or anyone at the property with your consent) uses any amenity, with or without Owners’ permission, that action shall be construed as a statement of that individual’s competence to handle or utilize it safely, and the Owners and their Agent shall be in no way legally accountable for any damages or injury to any persons or property resulting from such use.

You agree to indemnify and hold Owners and Agent harmless against any and all loss, claim or damage (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) that may arise from your party’s possession or use of the entire premises, including, without limitation, any such amenities (except claims against either party resulting from its own negligence). You also agree to indemnify and hold Owners and Agent harmless against any personal injuries or damages caused by any pet belonging to you or your guests.

9) PLAN FOR TELEPHONE, INTERNET & CABLE: Not all cottages have phones, but if they do, it will be either a Screen Billing or a Long Distance Calling plan (please refer to cottage data). Maine has 7-digit calling, but not having to dial ‘1’ first does not necessarily mean it’s a local call! Screen billing means you can receive incoming calls and make outgoing local calls, but you can only make outgoing long-distance calls with a calling card, and you can’t make collect calls, in or out. No refunds shall be given for outages, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regard to internet service. CABLE: If cable is provided, it may be only basic or limited service. If the cottage has broadband, and you want to watch Sports or Premium channels, we recommend you bring a laptop and stream your home subscriptions.


Shortly before 4 pm, you will be sent a lockbox code for access. plus any instructions and information pertaining to your rental. If your rental property does not have a lockbox, please come to our Raymond office to pick up your Arrival Packet, consisting of keys, cottage driving directions, cottage-specific information and important instructions. Two online guidebooks are available. The Blue Book contains important information relating to Krainin Vacation Rental Properties — emergency numbers, how to report problems, etc. The Gold Book contains information about local shops and activities. Packets will be distributed between 4pm and 5pm. If you are delayed beyond 5pm, please call to let us know, 800-332-1806, so alternate arrangements can be made for you.

Remember to bring your own blankets, pillows, mattress pads, sheets and pillowcases, towels and bathmats, kitchen towels, toilet tissue, paper towels and plastic trash bags. If you rent linens, please pick them up and return them to the Raymond office. Incorrect items will be exchanged, but we regret we are unable to give refunds for linens ordered and not used, in either sealed or open packages.

If you are bringing pets (with prior written approval only!), please remember to keep them up-to-date with flea treatments before arrival. Also remember to bring beach chairs, life jackets, baby gates, etc. PLEASE DO NOT BRING FIREWOOD from out of state, it is illegal to do so. If the Owner provides firewood for your use in fireplace or fire pit, there will be a note to that effect. If not, please respect the instructions and do not burn owner’s personal firewood, or your security deposit may be charged. Camp firewood can be bought in many locations around the lake region.

When you arrive at the property, please look around and immediately report anything that appears to be broken or damaged. Please take photos of anything damaged and email the photos to with an accompanying explanation that includes your name and the Cottage ID of where you are staying.

11) CHECK OUT INSTRUCTIONS: CHECK OUT TIME IS 10AM. NO-ONE IN YOUR PARTY SHOULD STILL BE AT THE PROPERTY AFTER 10AM. IF YOUR COTTAGE HAS A LOCKBOX, PLEASE LEAVE THE KEYS IN THE LOCKBOX. ONLY BRING KEYS BACK TO THE OFFICE IF YOU PICKED THEM UP THERE. You can bring keys back a little later than 10 am if you need to pull your boat or want to go for breakfast before checking out, but NO MATTER WHERE YOU GOT YOUR KEYS, EVERYONE MUST BE OFF THE PROPERTY NO LATER THAN 10AM! It’s difficult to coordinate cleaning and prepping so many properties over such a large geographic area as the Sebago Region, so we depend on your cooperation. Please plan ahead and be out on time. Thank you!! If your keys were in a lockbox, a Comments form will be emailed to you. If you bring keys back to the office, forms will be in your packet or available in the white mailbox by the front door.

12) YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PROPERTY: In addition to taking responsibility for the house and its contents and outdoor amenities, you are also taking responsibility for any boats or other watercraft included with the rental, and their related equipment and toys. Theft from summer homes is very unusual in the Sebago Region, but if items disappear from the property or get damaged because you didn't secure them appropriately – for example, if you didn’t tie the canoe up properly and it wandered off and hit the rocks, sustaining damage – the owner will consider you responsible, and you are hereby agreeing to pay for repairs or replacement.

Do not move furniture or any electronic or entertainment equipment. If you move things, and we have to return furniture to its property place or send staff to assist the next party with equipment connections, your security deposit will be charged.

Do not, under any circumstances, break into owners’ locked closets or rooms, or break the locks on any equipment that is offered or not offered with the rental. Call the Krainin office if you believe you need access to those areas or items.

13) PROPERTY CONDITION AND SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSITS: You agree to leave the property neat and tidy and in good condition: No damage to the buildings, contents, facilities or grounds or any property located on the premises, including without limitation at or around the waterfront and any dock areas; furniture and equipment in their original locations, and trash instructions followed. Please be sure to close and secure all doors and windows.

“NEAT AND TIDY’ means: Dishes washed and put away (not left in dishwasher); spills wiped up; fridge emptied completely; floors swept or vacuumed; all inside waste receptacles emptied; trash picked up off floors and grounds; pet waste removed. Please also vacuum any pet hair that has accumulated during your stay.

If you selected the $150 Peace of Mind Deposit and Waiver, the $50 non-refundable portion covers accidental damage to a maximum of $1,500, including any damage to boats and water equipment, and you hereby agree to pay any amount above $1,500. Pet damage is not considered accidental, and additional security deposits may be required at properties allowing pets. The $100.00 refundable portion covers issues with Trash Disposal, Cleaning, Moved Furniture/Equipment, Late Departure, and Unreturned Linens and Keys, as discussed above.

If you selected the Full Security Deposit, it covers any kind of damage, and if any combination of damage costs exceeds the security deposit, you hereby agree to pay the additional amount. If there is a problem involving your security deposit, Agency will contact you within 30 days of departure regarding costs to resolve it. If there is no problem, deposits will be returned by mail 10 days after your check-out.

There is a Departure Checklist in your Vacation Guide that you can use to make sure you have all bases covered. Late check-out, keys never returned or left at the cottage without permission, Krainin linens not returned, trash left in the wrong place or left out at the wrong time, furniture or equipment moved, or cottage or grounds needing more-than-usual cleaning can create serious bottlenecks on Changeover Day, and are likely to delay incoming renters from timely access to their cottage. Therefore, if you cause a problem in one of these areas, your Security Deposit will be charged. The late check-out fee is $1/minute. Keys or linens left at the property, $50; failure to follow trash instructions, minimum of $60 plus mileage at 45 cents/mile – more if it takes staff longer to gather up the trash due to its being loose in the cans, messy or an unusually large quantity.

Please be considerate of our staff and other renters, and follow the departure rules. Thank you!

Rev.  11.9.20